Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

At Flax And Wool Designs, our commitment to privacy is paramount. We adhere to a voluntary Privacy Policy to ensure the responsible and transparent management of your Personal Information. Our goal is to keep you informed about how we use and protect your data.

The privacy of our users is of utmost importance. Periodically, we may request personal information to facilitate your participation in various offerings. If you fall under the jurisdiction affected by GDPR, rest assured that we collect only the minimum information necessary to serve you relevant information aligned with your business or profession. This approach allows us to generate the revenue required for maintaining our services. We are dedicated to communicating clearly about the use of your Personal Information.

Your Personal Information is stored securely in our data storage to prevent unauthorized access. It will be retained only for as long as necessary for the identified purposes or as mandated by law. If you wish to access this information or have it deleted, please contact us through the provided channels.

We take pride in not sharing your information with third parties unless legally obligated (e.g., court order or search warrant) or with your explicit authorization. Your information is safeguarded, and any disclosure to contracted third parties occurs only as part of fully-disclosed lead generation campaigns relevant to your business.

Information Gathering

At Flax And Wool Designs, our aim is to provide information tailored to your business needs and interests. We may use a browser feature known as a “cookie” to store certain Personal Information, identifying your browser when you visit our site. You have the option to disable this feature in your browser while still enjoying our site.

We analyze aggregate traffic data to understand the features and services most utilized by visitors, enhancing our website based on these insights. For those under GDPR jurisdiction, this analysis aligns with the legitimate interest of delivering content that holds the highest value for our aggregate audience. Google Analytics is employed for anonymous reporting of site usage.

Aggregated user statistics and information summaries are prepared to describe our services to third parties, such as potential business partners and advertisers, for lawful purposes. It’s important to note that our partners never have direct access to your Personal Information.

We may utilize the information you provide to display web page advertisements or promotions relevant to your industry or job function. Some advertisers leverage tags and/or anonymous cookies to track ad visibility and frequency.

Internet Use and Confidentiality

While we employ security features to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information transmitted over the Internet. Despite our efforts, we cannot assume responsibility for your use of the Internet to transmit confidential data.

Our commitment to your privacy involves transparent communication about data usage, secure storage, limited sharing, and continuous efforts to enhance your experience while respecting your confidentiality. For any privacy-related inquiries or requests, please reach out to us through the provided contact channels.