workshop questions

Do you consider your workshops "beginner" level & who are they for?

Absolutely, unless stated otherwise. We pride ourselves in seating so many different types of people at our table. That means we've had high school age to go-getters in their seventies! We've had designers from Target & boyfriends who got sucked in for a date night-- regardless of your background, age, goal-- you can totally do this and it's our job to insure that you have a great experience!


Do you travel out of state for workshops?

Sure do! Let your favorite coffee spot, paper or clothing boutique, west elm or other hip place of business know that you want me to come and throw a workshop! It's that easy! Give them my email and we will get the ball rolling hello@flaxandwooldesigns.com


What workshop should I try first?

Honestly, any of our workshops are entry level (unless stated otherwise) and can be completed without any other prior workshop or lettering experience. If it were me and I wanted to get a good foundation I would recommend taking "Intro to Modern Calligraphy" first. This class holds tons of fundamentals with pointed pen and technical tips that carry over into other types of lettering.



What is the turnaround time for a branding package?

Turn around times can vary based on the season and our availability. Most times, Starter Package: 2 weeks Statement Package: 3 weeks and our Suited Package: Up to 4 weeks. If these turn around times are likely to change you will be notified prior to signing your contract.

Do I get to communicate with you throughout the process?

Of course! This is YOUR baby. We are here for you and are happy to respond to any emails or calls during normal business hours.

How many variations do I get to make before the design is final?

Well, our goal is to keep variations to a minimum. We send a client questionnaire that has a detailed list of questions to better understand your business and it's background. We also collaborate on a vision board to make sure everyone is on the same page with color and ideas. This helps us get it right the first time! After receiving the first draft there could be tweaks here and there that you would like to make and that's totally fine. Each package comes with a detailed number of variations, beyond that number we will charge accordingly.