Hi there! We're the brays & we are the owners/artists behind Flax and Wool Designs. A Husband and Wife duo, not to mention Mama + Pops to the cutest little boy and.  We love the Lord and it's taken a lot of struggle to get here. Jessa started lettering about three years ago out of heartache, looking for something that she could connect with and just pour who she was and what she was going through, into. 

as she practiced and practiced she began getting requests from family and friends to make things. Jessa was flattered & kept shamelessly learning as she went, and when she finally decided to give this hobby of hers to the Lord, He completely turned it into a thriving business. Tyler stained boards, packaged and shipped orders and did whatever he could to help while holding a full time job.  we then learned that this was so much more than cute prints and simple quotes to make you feel good. this was a way for us to reach people, right where they were. whether it be in their homes, at their wedding, in the office or even when they open the mailbox--this was our chance to be a light. 

A lot has gone into this business. Not just hard work, but heart work. Every door that has presented itself we have gone after passionately and the reward has been so great.

Looking back we never thought we would be here. We never thought this hobby could put us in a place of healing. We knew we had a chance to get closer to the Lord and to maybe mend our marriage--but to think that we get to spend almost all day rewriting his truth together, really worshiping + sharing that with others, the only explanation is grace. 



Flax and Wool are the materials that the proverbs 31 woman used daily. I remember thinking that I wanted this business, if it ever turned into more than five sales on etsy, to be something that was bigger than just paper. 

 Proverbs thirty one used to be this list of endless standards I as a wife, homemaker, mother and follower of the Lord could never live up to.  She was a MAKER + a lover of the Lord. Those are two things I could do. Things I'm passionate about. Part of this business is selling but the other HUGE part of this, is constantly encouraging others to embrace the gifts the Lord has given them and be a maker themselves! 

I want people to be encouraged, left with a smile + hungry to be happy.